Thursday, October 6, 2011

What they know about you

What do they know about you - a lot.

It is difficult to understand how much digital signatures you leave on your computer even though you turn off cookies. I found this sction in Wall Street Journal that is dedicated to many ways that you can be tracked in cyberspace.

The section on digital fingerprinting is  

Should we be worried? Just like in the real (non cyber) world, one has to be careful.
  • You don't visit irreputable stores online or in real life.
  • You don't talk to strangers online or in real life, unless they are introduced by a friend that you know. 
  • You check out the person or the company before you interact with the person or company. There are many ways you can find out.
We are in the cyber world. There is no turning back. We just have to learn to live in it safely.

Are there other best pratices you can share?

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