Friday, January 28, 2011

Firesale at the Cyber Criminal shopping mall.

This month special:  
    $2 each -  a legitimate but unverified bank account or credit card number,
         with guarantee for the available credit line or bank balance, add $70.
According to a just released report from Panda Security, the cyber criminal are facing competition like we all are.  So price is dropping. 

Panda Security 2011 January The-Cyber-Crime-Black-Market.pdf
In this article, Panda Security has done a great job explaining how this illegal underground business operates. There are the manufacturers - ones who actually does the stealing, distributors - aggregaters of illicit information, bankers - mules who handle the money laundering and, of course, source - the victims. The report even include screenshots of a transaction.

In any economy, supply and demand hold true. If the price drops, it can either be that the demand has dropped or the source is getting plentiful. I don't think anyone believes that the demand has dropped, so the source must be getting plentiful. In other words, if you are not a victim today, you soon will be!

With malware generating tools like Zeus freely available, it will be foolhardy for us not to recognize the need for cyber security vigilance at office and at home.


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